Backend Developer

  • München, Deutschland

Backend Developer

Deine Aufgaben

Our Tech Stack


•   All of our frontends (website & all of our core systems) are written in React/Redux and ES6.

•   Our mobile Travel Companion is based on React Native.

•   Frontends communicate with our Django/Python backend via a REST API.

•   Our CI automatically runs our test suits, checks the code quality and deploys to Heroku.

•   NoSQL being cool & shiny, Postgres together with ElasticSearch fits our use case best.


Your Responsibilities


•   Develop new features/ apps to improve productivity of our travel designers & acquire customers.

•   Design the software architecture for new products together with our CTO & product team.

•   Represent FINEWAY at Meetups & Conferences (we host our own Django Munich Meetup).

•   Bring your knowledge, experience & best practices in and share it with the team.

•   Work closely together with our frontend & backend developers.

Dein Profil

•   You once wrote a blog with Django and discovered that the Admin interface was there for free. 

•   Testing isn't just a nice-to-have for you, it's a must.

•   You want to take responsibility & ownership for the products and software you produce.

•   You have a deep technical understanding of web technologies and responsive design.

•   You have worked on a large Python code base before.

•   You insist on documenting your APIs.


Our Team


•   The team (~12) consists of mostly full-stack engineers, UX/UI designers & dedicated product managers.

•   Our business model doesn't require dozens of coding monkeys - we believe in a small team.

•   The team decided to go with 2 week scrum sprints & use Kanban for - very rare - burst phases.

•   We are currently all full-stack engineers - by choice.